Founder of Stone Milk Records, Thiago de Almeida aka Jaco, resurfaces from an eight-year musical break. This time, more sober, in a quest to feel his feet on the ground, and in his own right, Jaco decides to debut again, and in a new oratory.

After emerging with La Macchina Volante and Coruja Project, his musical journey is marked by appearances and withdrawals dictated by his alternative callings of philosopher and film-making. A song by this Brazilian author can be found in the repertoire of the award-winning singer Lívia Nestrovski. Jaco appears alongside composers such as Djavan, Tom Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Kurt Weill, Lô Borges, among others, on his album, DUO.

Jaco has produced two albums with La Macchina Volante, two with Coruja Project and participated in the album Piedra Solar by Francesco Valente, alongside Marco Susano and Aline Frazão. He has composed for the Portuguese director José Oliveira (Os conselhos da noite), for the film Cross by the renowned Gal Oppido (Rumos), and for a dozen award-winning short films. Jaco also works with Italian band Selton and Dente, and Istanbul-based renowned artists of oriental jazz, Apostolos Sideris and Andrea Romani.

Jaco is a modern fable, coming out of some clinamen to show us the courage of art. A registered idyll and unique, fiery character, his work is artistically mature and complex, as full of myths and tangents as the author himself. This June, the artist will release ‘Adeus Cidade’, the first single that paves the way for Sereno Manifesto, his album promised for December. Produced by Jaco in collaboration with Pedro Moreira (casa do vento) and Lucas Vasconcellos, and mixed by Pedro Moreira and Mastered by Tiago de Sousa.