Blurry Lines was born from a strong musical complicity between Eilidh Saunière and Vincent D’Elia. The Paris based duo was created during a trip to the French Alps.

Their music crosses frontiers and vibrates as soft Celtic inspired melodies intertwine with Brazilian rhythms – without missing a pinch of electronic sounds. The duo contemplates us with a very intimate and original music experience.

Eilidh Saunière started playing music at a very young age and was always drawn towards the double-bass. She hails from a musical family and was very early on immersed in the musicians’ life. Her interest towards the orchestral repertoire has led her to play with different orchestras such as the Orchestre National d’ïle-de-France and the Ensemble InterContemporain. Eilidh has performed on the stages of the Paris Philharmonic, the Cité de la musique in Paris and at UNESCO. In parallel Eilidh has also performed with many ensembles and groups of funk, jazz, Baroque music and choirs. She also enjoys composing and singing and has given several solo concerts of her own compositions. At present, finishing her studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, she continues double bass lessons with Nicolas Crosse and Eckhard Rudolph. Eilidh is involved on several albums in streaming platforms. She has recorded the double-bass on a jazz album and vocals on an album by Alan Stivell, among others. She also appears alongside the duo McIver/Saunière.

Vincent D’Elia is the type of musician who cannot be described by a single style but rather by a mixture of different cultures and knowledges. Originally from Brazil, he has a solid musical background and is fluent in the languages of jazz and classical music. Despite his young age, Vincent has extensive orchestral training through his experiences with ensembles such as the Ensemble InterContemporain, the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris, and the Orchestre National d’ïle-de-France. Vincent D’Elia recently completed his master’s degree at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris in classical double bass. Vincent D’Elia has also focused on personal projects ranging from free improvisation to Brazilian music. Thanks to his mastery of the electric bass, he has been able to record and perform with many artists in the United States and Latin America. Many of his recordings can be found on the streaming platforms. Currently Vincent participates in projects with small free improvisation groups and chamber orchestras. In parallel he is working on new creations for double bass as well as on a creation for electric bass in the context of contemporary music.

Blurry Lines proposes to bring their multiplicity of styles and philosophies of art as a beautiful message of inclusion in a world that is in need of more love and compassion. The first EP of Blurry Lines is coming soon, their first single ‘’Fallen stars’’ is annouced to be released in the end of September. Keep an eye on it !