Le Bidule Festival is a music, dance and cinema festival, produced by Stone Milk. The first edition took place at Puiseux-en-Retz, Hauts-de-France. In a XIIIth century church and in the Retz forest.

The line-up

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© Le Bidule Festival 2023 / Rochele Zandavalli  
Le Bidule Festival

The line-up

Saturday 27/05 – At the church

14h – Ulysse Zangs

dances “Ithaque” (Cavafis)

14h30 – Lucia Bocanegra

dances “Ciudad sen Sueno” (Lorca)

15h – Blurry Lines

Saturday 27/05 – In the forest

19h30 – Jaco & Helio Flanders

20h30 – HSRS

21h30 – Flor Mata

22h30 – Livia & Fred

23h30 – TRPL

Sunday 28/05

At the church 13h – Cadavre exquis

In the forest

17h – Mari Segura

18h – Barbara Eugenia

Sunday 28/05 – Ciné au jardin

21h30 – Mémoire des oiseaux


22h – Poros et Eros

22h30 – Un chant d’amour

The artists

Livia & Fred

Blurry Lines

Helio Flanders

Lucia Bocanegra

Ulysse Zangs

Barbara Eugenia

Flor Mata

Mari Segura

The products

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The partners

Many thanks to our partners – providers who help us make the event possible.